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……ummmm so,, trump literally has his own propaganda TV network that praises the president and his so called “accomplishments” without providing any credible sources or proof…. keep in mind this is what they do in North Korea and in any other authoritarian state., idk about ya’ll but this scares the shit out me and this isn’t a normal thing any presidential administration should allow  

oh and not to mention trump’s FCC allowing a highly conservative news broadcasting company “Sinclair” to take over 72% of american households.  this would mean that whenever most of us watch local news, random ass conservative-based segments would pop up. such as praising trump, blatand Islamophobia, and calling us “libtards” and “snowflakes” for simply wanting equal rights for the marginalized. pay very close attention to this bc the trump administration is literally trying to take over the media and if obama or any other president tried to pull this shit off they would be impeached immediately. 

h o l y c r a p

Noah Fence but this is fucking fascism, when are y'all gonna impeach this fool?

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