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August 06 2017

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hey! tag your sign and the emotion that is most likely to make you cry! mine is frustration




You know what absolutely boggles my mind? That healthy people exist. Genuinely healthy people. No mental illness, no physical illness, no chronic illness. Just healthy. What a life that must be. 

This fucks with my head though. There are people who get up and feel… Awake, and then they go and just… Do their adult responsibilities without feeling anxious or upset? They just return phonecalls? Answer calls from unknown numbers? Don’t procrastinate doing important things until is a huge problem that makes you cry??

That sounds fake.

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Like sure, Atypical (the new show on netflix) looks stereotypical and shitty but that doesn’t mean A$ was involved in its production. If you’re going to criticize media about minority groups then you need to have your facts straight and provide sources.

A$ has endorsed it on their Twitter

this article details how:

  • No autistic people are on the cast.
  • The only people involved in assuring accuracy were professors and researchers, (who are often affiliated with A$).
  • no autistic people were involved in the making of this show.

THIS is why you should not support it. Allistic people should not support this show because of these reasons, NOT because A$ helped make it. We should be focused on the erasure of autistic from media depicting autistic people. We should be focused on academia being the trusted source on autistic people/life instead of ACTUAL autistic people. Those are the problems we need to be focused on combating instead of just saying “big bad Autism $peaks helped make this and that’s the only problem here”. A$ helps to create these problems and allows them to continue. That’s what we should be concerned with in regards to A$.

I encourage allistic people to reblog this.


$10,000 and i will post a selfie

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Do any of you have that one tv show that is just so close to your heart? Like you could watch all these other shows; but when you go back to that one, you just feel like you’ve stumbled your way home after being lost for a little while. Maybe the show ended years ago, maybe the show is still airing or is on hiatus, but no matter what the same holds true; when you see it, or talk about it, it feels like home.



Do not feel forced to come out

By staying closeted you are not, whatsoever “lying” or being any way deceptive

It’s your right to feel safe wherever you are and whoever you’re with and if being closeted aids that feeling, stay closeted



YOU do not decide whether you’re being transphobic or not
TRANS PEOPLE are the ones to decide

So stop trying to say you’re not being transphobic when you clearly are



a really common mistake I see in the LoZ fandom is who is and isnt reborn each zelda game, and while u can do whatever in ur fan art or fan fiction or whatever, i just thought I’d spread the zelda facts B)

-Link is the only one who holds the triforce who is actually reborn. His spirit is specifically a servant to the goddess Hylia, no one else can take that place so he has to be reborn.

-Ganon(dorf) has been the same being. He never dies to be reborn, he’s only ever sealed away for a long time. in some games, its lightly suggested this is driving him insane. He eventually turns into a beast in all timelines (only a lil in the adult line tho) which is probably a result of power hungry corruption and, if u wanna speculate, insanity caused by such a long life span

-Zelda is a name passed on to every first born female of the hyrule family, along with her powers. She’s always an entirely different person but one who shares the same destiny as many of her ancestors. 

June 30 2017

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ok this is “earring magic ken” who was introduced in 1992 (and discontinued shortly thereafter)

basically mattel had done a survey and discovered that girls didn’t think ken was “cool” enough

SO someone had the bright idea to research coolness by sending people to raves which, at the time, were mostly hosted & attended by gay men. so they went to these raves and took notes on what the fashions were and finally landed on this outfit, mesh shirt & all 

this doll became the best selling ken doll in history, mostly because gay men bought it in droves. (many of them said his necklace was supposed to be a cockring) but mattel and a number of parents weren’t very amused and discontinued the doll 



MAGIC EARRING KEN. This bitch gay as HELL. supposedly the aforementioned rings on him are for “magic earrings” and clip on charms. These charms are advertised as totally COMPLETELY heterosexual, not gay at ALL, see there’s a Barbie that also has Magic Earring Action with clip on charms! Ken wears them to match, because he’s STRAIGHT

Here’s the issue: THERE IS NO MATCHING BARBIE. Magic Earring Ken is out here straight up wearing cock rings on his jacket with a thinly devised advertising ploy to make it SEEM not-gay. But it’s DEFINITELY GAY.
(And if you’re thinking, why cock rings? Well way back in 1992 gay culture was HUGE on wearing cock rings, it was the in-style. Everyone who was gay wore one, even women; you sewed them to your leather jacket, and the placement indicated some of your sexual preference. In case you were wondering, Ken is a Bottom.)

AND IT GETS BETTER. Magic Earring Ken was on the shelves for six weeks before they pulled him. In that short amount of time? Magic Earring Ken became the BEST SELLING Barbie Doll Mattel has EVER SOLD.
LET THAT SINK IN. SIX WEEKS. And now every time these wheezy old hetero windbag execs go to look at their sales board, they’re forever haunted by Magic Earring Ken at the top of their charts.

Gay as hell, Cock Ring Bottom Ken, the Best Selling Mattel Doll.

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There’s nothing to dislike about this photo 10/10

this kicks the leaning tower of pisa one’s ass



With Pride month coming to a close, I want to remind you all how loved you are. I know for so many of us, this month feels like the one time we are cared about, so I want you to know that for the other 11 months, you are cared for. There may be fewer visible displays of pride, but it is still out there and sapphic identities are still beautiful, and wonderful, and worthy of pride. One day, we will be able to be open and publicly supported every day of the year, and until that day arrives, remember that you have a whole community of people who have your back even when times get rough. I hope this month has treated you well, and I hope next year is better.

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Concept Art for Disney’s Moana (2016)



pride month is during strawberry season and you think it’s a coincidence? think again, strawberries are gay

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In one particular piece of official art for Super Mario Odyssey, Mario’s hair is rendered in great detail. Zooming in to the part above his ear, we can see what appears to be a single gray hair. This seems to be deliberate, as analysis of the image reveals that this is not a transparency issue, but that the hair is indeed colored a lighter color than the rest. Due the image being released in a lossless format by Nintendo, this also could not be a compression artifact.

the spell is wearing off

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